Register Your AED

Why register your AED?

Registering your AED creates a link between you and the National AED Registry. This free service does two important things. First, and most important, it creates a record of your AED, its location, the Serial Number and the expiration dates for your Pads and Batteries as well as important contact information for the AED manager and site manager. This allows the National AED Registry to automatically contact you by email to remind you to check and maintain your AED. When the expiration dates approach for your pads and batteries, this important service reminds you to purchase replacement items so you are never caught with an AED that doesn’t work. The National AED Registry also keeps track of industry recalls and alerts you if your AED brand and model may need service.

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AED Link for Dispatch Centers

Secondly, the National AED Registry is created and maintained by Atrus, Inc. The Atrus National AED Registry lets participating 911 agency dispatchers know where your automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are located so they can be found and used quickly when needed. Your local participating 911 agency must license the Atrus AED Link software in order for this valuable service to be used. If your local 911 agency does not support this service you may request them to contact Atrus Inc. to learn how they can implement their local database of AEDs to help save more lives.

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